Hey, I’m Ted – a Digital Marketing Consultant based in London (but often travelling!).

Hey, I’m Ted – an experienced digital marketing consultant. I offer SEO services in London for small to medium sized businesses. I’m also somewhat of a PPC Expert, though I’m often travelling around the world.

I’ve built this website to talk about what I’m doing with my own websites (primarily affiliate marketing & display ads), as well as help others out with their online presence.

I quit my job in 2020 to go full-time working on my portfolio of websites. You can learn more about my background below.

*the only pic I have wearing a suit

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the most preferred digital marketing techniques for e-commerce businesses. digital marketing is the process of using digital channels to market your business and products. digital advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile applications development are some digital marketing platforms that have grown in popularity over the last decade.

What is the digital revolution?

The digital revolution has helped build a network of global consumers who can access information on any topic they choose at any moment of their choice. this digital world presents an opportunity for marketers to put their products in front of more people while saving money on traditional forms like TV ads and print campaigns. digital media dominates the modern marketplace as it offers brands quick and easy access to millions of potential customers through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube among others.

How does digital marketing work?

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for all digital activities including web design, mobile apps, content development and digital strategy. Digital marketers are constantly on the lookout to explore new opportunities through digital channels for their clients. According to McAfee, 46 percent of companies around the globe have incorporated digital marketing in their business models while 49 percent expect to invest in digital marketing over the next year (2013) with 70% citing “increased customer loyalty” as one of the top drivers to succeed with digital marketing . [b]

How has digital evolved in recent years?

The evolution towards digital means that telecommunications network operators need a strong understanding of how the internet and online marketing can help to drive digital sales. Digital Marketing is a way of producing and using digital marketing services, including digital advertising techniques, social media and digital music, digital books (or e-books). It also encompasses content marketing on the internet. often referred to as digital media , which can be in the form of text messages (SMS service), email, images, video or audio content delivered via computer tablets or mobile phones; digital videos used on mobile devices like Apple’s iPad and various portable multimedia devices ; digital television , including interactive services with technology such as set-top boxes that provide access to digital TV channels for viewers’ health care and entertainment .

What is a digital strategy?

Digital strategy has all but replaced traditional marketing strategies through an increasing range of online communications platforms. Social media is a huge part of digital marketing and digital strategy, used for creating brand awareness, digital branding , digital PR , e- CRM digital advertisers of the .

Digital communications concepts are now applied to traditional media such as TV, radio and print. In this context the term ” digital marketing “‘media” can extend far beyond digital advertising (SEM), social media or mobile communications technologies. For example, digital marketing includes publishing PPC ads on Google AdWords platforms calling them ” search engine optimization “, which is a digital marketing activity anyhow; in addition, publishers apply digital techniques to their content management systems.”

What does digital marketing mean?

Digital Marketing ‘is an umbrella term that essentially means how you reach customers through Digital media. Digital gives you the channels of Internet, Mobile and Social Media that help connect with your audience. Digital Marketing includes all online marketing practices or strategies geared towards customer interaction in a digital environment.

Digital marketing has also come to encompass a broader range of formats than before. There is currently no universally accepted definition for what constitutes Digital Marketing . One description suggested by experts from the industry today include Digital Marketing as a mix between product management and advertising. Another description states Digital Marketing as integrated across platforms and campaigns that target a customer action or purchase decision on which they can act directly to conduct their business or search for information.’


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