Who am I? – About

Hey! I’m Ted. I’ve been doing SEO since 2015 whilst simultaneously studying for a degree in Digital Marketing as a mature student (I felt old AF whilst surrounded by 18 year olds but hey ho!).

Learning SEO was a lot of trial and error in the beginning – anyone who’s self taught that tells you they had immediate success is either lying through their teeth, or ridiculously lucky!

I started having fairly decent success through 2017/18, building various different websites up to anywhere between 10-50k organic clicks per month. This helped to support me through uni without having to get a “real” job (this still barely feels like work to me, creating glorified blogs for money!).

In 2019, after graduating I went to work with a PPC agency based in the UK, Push Group. I stayed there for over a year, helping out with their e-commerce campaigns as well as working with lead generation and insurance paid ads too. I learned a lot about running larger budget ad campaigns, tracking & more.

However, I eventually decided to leave during the heat of the pandemic, and since 2020, I’ve been back working on my own affiliate + display websites for the most part. I say affiliate out of habit; it’s some affiliate, some display ads + some lead gen too. I’m also in the process of building a small e-com site, just to ensure I don’t get too rusty!

In 2021, I sold one of my affiliate sites for 6-figures after growing the organic traffic to 250k+ visitors per month. This has left me with around a half dozen other websites at the moment that I’m working on that actually make money (and at least 100 domains that are gathering dust).

For now, I’m pretty happy plodding along with my niche websites. However, with my experience of growing multiple small websites from nothing up to hundreds of thousands of searches per month, I think it means I’m ideally suited to working with SMBs that need help getting started. So, I’m might dive into that at some point – but not yet.


Probably best to get in touch with me on Twitter. That’s where I’m trying to be most active recently!

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