Bing ads conversion tracking: Guide

Bing ads conversion tracking is actually very easy as bing ads has a built-in tracker for this function. bing ads conversion tracking helps advertisers to better understand what is working and what is not. A good Bing Ads agency will be able to set up tracking for you. Bing ads conversion tracking gives the ability to identify whether bing ads cost per click, bing ads cost per result or bing ads CPC impact your bottom line.

Bing ads conversion tracking: Guide

This is one of the bing ads setting that bing biz can easily implement, but there is a lot to bing ad conversion tracking than bing biz you have read about. bing biz does not go into details on how long you should track conversions, but it does provide guidance in an article on their knowledge center outlining what they do recommend for various business models.

There are two types of bing ads conversion tracking: destination and page source. Destination basically refers to where the customer has been redirected after completing your action, which could be an email sign-up or download promotion . Bing biz explain that “each advertiser will need to determine if the type of redirection (e.g., landing page) is consistent with its goals.”

Bing Ads conversion tracking can then be implemented using bing biz ‘s bca ( Bing Campaign Analytics ) reports. This will provide data on where bing biz customers have been redirected after completing a conversion, which can be used to optimize campaigns and ad groups in the future.

If you’re not currently tracking your bing biz conversions, this is certainly something they should be looked at as soon as possible for any online business of even moderate size.

The bing ads destination URL tracking system described above only provides information about redirection landing pages. This would not cover internal links from one page of your site to another e.g., a big thank-you message that states “thank you for signing up” appearing once a user has clicked through from an email sign up form. This gives you more bing biz conversion tracking metrics to be aware of to improve your bing biz conversions.

If you’re looking for a tool that can help with bing biz conversion tracking and management, we recommend Microsoft adCenter’s online ad manager which has some nice features including the ability to add internal links onto landing pages in addition to redirection landing pages.

Here’s an example sign up form on a website and below it is a bing biz conversion google analytics report that shows traffic sources and bing biz conversions: . The second image (below) shows how easy it is to go into the free online version of Ad Center.


Hopefully, this has been a good bing biz conversion tracking report. As you can see, bing biz conversions are tracked and recorded in the same way that Ad Center does for bing biz traffic sources. The big thing is to have an Ad ID or at least the Campaign ID otherwise it’s hard to track bing biz conversions correctly if you are trying to do this manually.

In addition to tracking which sites converts the best, it would be possible (though not easy) to also track keywords from Bing Ads that convert well on your site/store by looking for keyword terms in Google Analytics around the same time as your site visits or page views start happening with those particular search terms.

This is another important blog post about bing ads, which are more and more important with bing taking a larger share of the search market. bing biz also allows you to track conversions for Bing biz visitors, which is not as easy as it used to be due to bing biz not requiring people to sign up for an advertiser account when they are checking out their offers.

As usual, this blog post will show you how I have been tracking bing biz traffic with Google Analytics by using UTM parameters in the URLs and then match them up with bing biz conversion codes. Hopefully this will help other webmasters who are trying to do the same thing.