Bing ads vs Google ads

Bing Ads and Google Ads are both advertising platforms owned by Microsoft and Google respectively. They are two of the biggest advertising platforms in the world, so they have a lot in common. But there is one glaring difference that makes bing ads stand out more as an effective online advertising platform for any business or individual looking to promote their products or services online.

In fact, a Bing ads company can be considered pretty much the best online ad platform for small businesses due to this one factor alone!

Bing ads vs Google ads

The truth is bing ads are not more effective than google ads. But bing ads do have better pricing, and bing ads generally have a better overall level of performance as an ad platform for anyone looking to profit from online advertising.

If you’re thinking about making the jump to bing or google, it’s time to stop thinking and start doing! The sooner you get started with bing or google the sooner your business will be able to save money, and generate more profits through incremental revenue streams involving b2b leads, b2c sales, etc…

So what is this factor that makes bing so much better in regards to pricing? The truth is bing ad management has a superior bidding system when compared against google’s ad management platform.

Bing Ads

The good thing about bing is bing ads are extremely competitive by nature of the bing ad network size, b2c/ b2b leads that could be generated from bing ads & the bing e-commerce platform. It’s a very powerful advertising alternative for anyone looking to save money and/or make more money using online marketing techniques such as Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns, Display Advertising, Remarketing Campaigns, Bing Shopping Platform, etc…

The bing platform brings in roughly $2 Billion Dollars a year in revenue with unlimited growth potential so if you’re reading this article I’m willing to bet you won’t mind learning how to effectively utilize bing ad management for your business or organization for the good of maximizing profit.

They’re definitely cheaper to run than Google ads and Google shopping campaigns for sure.

Google Ads

Google Ads are a whole different story. Google ads are a lot more expensive to run especially for small businesses, but Google Ads will give you better quality traffic and Google has a pretty good conversions rate so Google Shopping campaigns too. Google also offers Google Ad Grants which is free advertising credits for nonprofit organizations and charities that qualify under the Grant program.

Yes, Bing Ads do have an excellent affiliate program where you can earn commission from referring other users to sign up for bing ad accounts. I use both Google and Bing search engines because of Google’s ability to sort out large amounts of data in milliseconds using its NIT technology (PageRank) on their Google Search Engine along with Google Maps leading the way in maps placement services.

So I’m going to look a little more at Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Merchant Center for this article. Google is much larger then Bing in terms of market share and size. Google also is used by a large number of Internet users around the world on a daily basis which makes Google one of the largest sources of targeted traffic you can get through their Google Search Engine along with their mail program Gmail that has over 1 billion active accounts as of May 2016.

Commercial businesses often use Google Adwords to create campaigns to promote their business or products/services whether it be online or offline to drive new customers from the Google Network. This advertising service will put your ads on Google when people type in queries into the Google search box where your ad will show up as a paid advertisement next to other search results.


In conclusion, it’s definitely worthwhile to use Google ads especially if you are a new comer in the internet marketing world. Google has been around for many years with its search engine and services, Google knows what people search for and is always on top of things with their Google Ads.

Regardless of how long Google will be around I’m sure Google Ads will still be alive as Google itself along with other ad networks like Bing Ads or Yahoo! Search Marketing. I highly recommend Google Ads when aiming to run an online business whether it’s done as a hobby or full-time job, there really isn’t any reasons why not to try out Google Adwords since they offer free trials which helps you succeed faster in your business needs.