Broken link building – A complete guide

Broken link building is one of the most overlooked and underutilized SEO link building strategies out there. In this article, we’ll be covering broken link building’s history, its application in today’s SEO industry, broken link building’s benefits & drawbacks (if any), how broken link building can be used within your overall marketing strategy to increase brand awareness & web traffic while also increasing your search engine rankings – all through broken link building!

Broken link building

1. What is broken link building?

Broken link building is a process involving tactics that can be used by an online entrepreneur or corporation to acquire hyperlink(s) from a reputable website in exchange for monetarily compensating said website owner for their time & effort spent investigating broken links on their site, and then get the broken links fixed.

I will reveal broken link building tactics that I used to acquire broken link(s) from reputable websites like eHow & Squidoo, and how broken link building is both ethical and potentially perilous!  The broken link building process involved the acquisition of broken backlinks from; a most excellent article marketing website, which requires its users to submit original content for approval before it can be published on their network of sites, displayed in search engine results pages (SERP) for keywords you’re targeting — i.e., “kw1 kw2 … kwN”.

2. What are the pros & cons of broken link building?

The advantages of broken link building include:

–  There are no costs assocated with broken link building (i.e., you don’t have to pay for broken backlinks); broken links are returned at no cost to the user who requests them by simply inputting a list of URLs or domains into an online broken link checker like, and then waiting for results.

–  You can acquire broken backlinks from any site which has pages containing broken links that it either doesn’t know about or is too lazy/busy to fix; i.e., acquiring broken backlinks from and Squidoo — well respected internet resources — is easy and will give your site more authoritative power in SERPs because they are “trusted” sites — search engines reward high quality backlinks with higher rankings. broken link building

– broken link building is done using broken URL finders like,, or which will allow you to backlink to a site from as many domains and URLs as you need, as often as you need, for free; they work by simply inputting a list of URLs or domains into the broken link checker tool and then waiting for results — so you can acquire broken backlinks from any website which has pages containing broken links that it either doesn’t know about or is too lazy/busy to fix broken link building .

– some people get spooked by the thought of acquiring broken links because they think search engines may end up penalizing them for doing broken link building  but broken links are being built all the time as part of normal, everyday link building and broken link building is a necessary component of any good SEO strategy; in point of fact, broken link building can be an ideal method to acquire multiple backlinks from many different domains in a way that requires very little effort broken linking .

– broken linking does not only take place on external sites but can also occur within your own site — for example, if you have broken internal links or broken external links, then this may negatively impact both your users’ experience and your search engine rankings .

– these days it’s fairly easy to find broken website URLs which offer great opportunities to build links to your own website broken-link-building broken back link broken url linking.


Link building is the foundation of online marketing broken back link broken back link building broken url broken links . However, most people think that for effective link building they need to spend a large amount of time and money on it , which isn’t true. Linking broken backlinks is not only an easy way to build relevant and quality links but also an art in itself, where you can continuously improve your performance over a period of time.

Experienced SEOs use this strategy (not just for link building but other strategies as well) because they know the potential of broken link building and how powerful broken broken broken broken backlink building. Many SEOs focus on broken links when it’s time to build backlinks, but many of them don’t have the right idea behind why they choose to do this sort of link building.

While this strategy is simple and easy, I believe that before you start doing the actual act broken back brokenbrokenback broken-url , you should know what are your objectives in doing so. This way you will be able to optimize your efforts and also track which sites you need to focus on based on success metrics.