Can’t post on Facebook? Here’s what to do

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Can’t post on facebook? Here’s what to do

Some people find that they cant post on facebook, the reason is because of the settings under “Privacy Settings”

– Click on your profile picture to get to that page. When you are there scroll down until you see “Apps others use.”

– Now click where it says Edit.

– This will take you to a list of all apps that have permission to access your account, known as permissions. To the right of each app, there should be an x next to each one and if not then go ahead and click it, just so its clear what they are doing in terms of accessing your information.

Let’s focus on the first couple apps at the top: The Sims Social and Yahoo! Fantasy Football. These are two games/apps I cant post on Facebook, and there is actually a pretty good reason for that.

– So, go ahead and click on the permissions for The Sims Social. Then remove all of its permissions (both E-mail and Address Book). Click Save Changes at the bottom when you are done.

Now, head over to Yahoo! Fantasy Football’s permission settings and do the same thing you just did with The Sims Social, only this time remove all permissions from “Yahoo! Fantasy Sports” as well as any other apps that require access to your address book or e-mail address.

You might also have a dozen apps in here that you cant post on Facebook because they want access to things like your checkbook or credit card info or something else private. Luckily these are easy enough to identify when you’re on your phone or tablet, but you can also see a list of the apps that have requested access to your Facebook account at:

Android users

If you cant post on facebook and are using an Android phone this is the first place I’d look for applications from sources other than Google Play because it’s basically impossible not to install these things– they’re typically bundled into lots of free games and stuff like that.

There may be some helpful tips in here if you cant post on facebook while using iOS as well, but since the control panel is different on all phones there’s really no easy way to tell just by looking at it which permissions will work for each device so unless you cant post online then the truth is that you cant post online.


When you cant post on facebook , cant send messages on facebook, cant read messages in a conversation in facebook the first thing to do is close down the software process which wont let you cant post on facebook or cant log into facebook or cant upload pictures to share with your friends because it is running amok and hanging up when trying to connect to the server for some reason.

If this doesn’t work then try again after updating the cant post online software– if that doesnt work either there’s nothing else that can be done because thats just how things are over here at Facebook as of July 2014. (and we have no power to change this– so don’t ask us about it).