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Finding good web developers in London isn’t easy. But the truth is that once you’ve found the right one, everything will start to click into place.

What is web design?


What is website design? Actually, web design is probably one of the more controversial terms in web development. The reason for this is that no one has actually agreed on a proper definition of it, making it all the more confusing and difficult to understand. So what exactly is website design? What do those words really mean? What we can attempt to distill from their definitions are these two things:

Website design is basically just a fancy way of saying the act or process of designing websites/web pages in order to make them functional and aesthetically pleasing so as to convert visitors into paying customers or members/subscribers. It also refers to using colors, fonts, graphics, photos etc. (henceforth referred to simply as “elements”) with layout and size being a key factor in making the website usable, navigable and attractive to its visitors.

Areas where I can help?

Stand out from the crowd

Pushing the customer to the correct direction is a positive thing. This is definitely true if you are in e-commerce. What can you do if your products demand this kind of treatment?

The right content

People searches at Google are made everyday by people like us who need answers and solutions for different problems on different topics. The first step towards getting started is making sure that you have chosen the right words to describe your website.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design is becoming the norm for all new websites because it’s flexible and modern, however there is a whole host of things to consider before making your website responsive.

Images and identity

A web page or a website is basically just a collection of usually pre-written words that give a company or website identity; it may also consist of images (photos or logos,) graphics, videos and more written words. It’s getting the right ones that really matters.

The most common questions people have about web design

Should I make a website in HTML?

HTML is always going to be the platform of your website; it’s what makes your site viewable when a visitor accesses it from any browser anywhere in the world. What you really want to achieve with designing a website is something that provides visual appeal and enhances accessibility, usability and functionality for both your company and its visitors.

What’s more important than anything else however, is the overall message you are trying to get across in a way that conveys professionalism as well as credibility. What it comes down to is making sure elements like fonts, colors, images etc. (henceforth referred to simply as “elements”) complement one another.

What are the elements on my website?

It doesn’t “need” to look like the best website i have ever seen, but it has to be able to function well and get the point across. What’s also important is that your website is easily accessible through good search engine rankings and ranks in the upper echelon of any category you choose for it.

The Elements of Design The elements are: line, shape, color, value (or gradation), texture, form harmony, balance contrast rhythm movement.

What is a CMS in web design?

Well, a CMS (content management system) is a method of creating, managing and publishing content on the web. What they use depends on what they are doing with their site. The design business is one of the most convoluted businesses in existence, being more complex than even some life-threatening medical conditions.

What makes a good web designer?

The best web designers will be able to demonstrate their skills not only in creating an appealing site but also in helping you understand how to use it as effectively as possible. What’s more important: beauty or practicality? In most cases, both are equally important. What must occur behind the scenes cannot be seen by users . What Should I Consider When Hiring a Web Designer Before you begin looking for one, go


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