Common questions about LinkedIn ads: answered

Linkedin Ads are one of the fastest growing formats on Linkedin.  Linkedin is a social media network for business people and Linkedin Ads are the paid ads format designed specifically for Linkedin. This is useful for individuals, but can all be worth doing if you’re a Linkedin agency.

Linkedin has over 350+ million users worldwide which means you just cannot ignore Linkedin Ads anymore if you want to run an effective online ad campaign.

What is Linkedin advertising?

Linkedin ads are basically above the organic search results and they appear in order from most relevant to least relevant based on your target audience searches on Linkedin itself. These ads take up half of the page, so one ad takes up half of the page, 2 ads will therefore take up 1 full page. The Linkedintargeting data be pulled from both your company’s Linkedin page but also Linkedin itself. Linkedin has a large amount of search data and Linkedin ads will be triggered by keywords that are searched on Linkedin, so if you have ‘Content marketing agency’ as a keyword Linkedintargeting then this keyword will trigger Linkedin Ads on the Linkedin platform for your company’s or client’s ad campaign.

Who should use Linkedin Ads?

Since anybody can run Linkedin Ads (you don’t need to have an official Facebook Ad account in order to run Facebook ads) I think Linkedin is very very easy to get started with compared to Facebook Ads which requires an application form first before running any campaigns.* On Linkedin the system is pretty straightforward for anyone who knows about paying for online advertising (it’s very similar to other online ad platforms). Linkedin also has lots of targeting scope by using Linkedin Profiles, Linkedin Groups, Linkedin Pages and other advanced targeting options to ensure you find the right audience for your Linkedin Ads.

How much does Linkedin pay?

Linkedincan be viewed as a ‘professional’ social platform and Linkedincan be considered as one of the Linkedintier tier which includes Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. I notice that when compared with Facebook there is not that wide price gap between CPM (cost per thousand) but I must say based on my own comparison of data from separate campaigns that CPA(cost per action) are more expensive on Linkedin than they are on Facebook. One main thing that Linkedin has that Facebook does not have is Linkedin profile targeting. Linkedinprofiles that match your targets can be grouped into Linkedin groups through Linkedin Adsto allow you to focus on specific verticals and industries.

What do Linkedin can offer?

Linkedin’sfinely tuned platform allowing the audience to self-select by their Linkedinsuch as adding a company, university or school; Linkedinconnect through Linkedin with other professionals based in similar interests, Linkedintargeting allows LinkedinAdvertisers to reach much more relevant audiences than just the typical users who will click on most adverts. LinkedIn has its own complex algorithm for advertising which ensures only people/industries selected are targeted within the advertisements that Linkedin offer.

Linkedin are also able to track and adjust the ad spend accordingly based on how relevant people find Linkedincontent, Linkedin’s credentials as they are a professional network with professionals making Linkedin their primary social media platform of choice.


In conclusion, Linkedin is a great platform for advertising, if you are looking to reach professionals Linkedin is one of the best social media sites to do so. We recommend Linkedin Advertising for anyone that wants to expand their business advertising and brand on Linkedin!

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