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Whilst being good at content marketing is one thing, it’s all for nothing if you don’t have the right strategy in place. We can help you not only build the perfect path for your business, but also execute that strategy too.


What comes before the content strategy


When you develop content, how do you know if it’s successful? What content should we produce when there’s so much to choose from (and often limited time and budget)? And who are you trying to reach with content? Who does content strategy reach out to? Those answers are all valid questions any content professional will ask themselves when developing content. And they’re questions that can’t be answered without a plan.

Many organisations have put together small plans or even one-page guides on ‘what makes good content”, however what they lack is content strategy. Yes, content strategy comes before content creation. It’s not about what content to create or even how content should look but the main reason content exists at all: communication of a clear message.

That’s why content strategy is one of the most overlooked areas in an organisation (I’m very guilty of it too). If you take a look at many websites and brochures from companies, they’re filled with images that don’t link to anything significant, text that no one reads, and quite frankly- content that doesn’t mean much (or nothing) to anyone who views it.

Areas where I can help?

Developing content

Content is content right? Wrong! Developing content that works for your business requires an in-depth understanding of content types and the role content plays within your organisation.

A solid plan

Content without a plan is like structureless writing – it looks good on first glance but if someone were to read carefully, there’ll be lots of missing parts that you’ll have to make up on your own.

Great writing

I’ve seen content strategy define content as “as content is king, content strategy is queen”, but I’d like to take it a step further. Content is the foundation; content strategy builds and fortifies that foundation. (my apologies if that metaphor doesn’t work).  

Content consumption

Content strategists are people who don ‘ t see content either as an afterthought or as a small section of their job description – they view content in its entirety and structure every piece of information so that it’s meaningful at time of consumption.  And then, they make sure they’re building content worth consuming.

The most common questions people have about content strategy

What is content strategy?

Well, content strategy is the way we approach what content is, what it is for, how we manage and maintain our content. It’s a means to help us become more efficient. It helps us plan what needs developing based on what has already been developed – keeps all of the moving parts in order so that everything stays on track

What does a content strategist focus on?

Content strategists focus on: – governance (working with clients, managing teams) – information architecture from an editorial perspective (identifying themes or patterns) from a technical one (where does this live?) – user experience is another key part of what we do

Content strategy involves: – what content is being developed (editorial conent, what to say on a page) – what that content is for / what it is used for (content reuse or repurposing, how can this information be used in multiple ways) – who needs what information (target audience) and why they need it (motivation or objective) – where the target audience are when they’ll need this information (audience behaviour), what kind of device will they be using – how that information should look and feel.

This is what goes into making good editorial and design decisions across an organisation What does all of this mean? It means that anything having to do with content management is within our wheelhouse, whether as with other form of content, and what is what we do.

When did content strategy become a thing?

We have been doing what everyone now calls Content Strategy since before The Intersection of Marketing + IT was even what it is called today . As with any other profession or industry term, there are a few people who make claim to being an “early adopter” (or who documented what they were doing at the time), however I will stop short of calling anyone out by name as that isn’t my style. What I can say though is that around 2008/2009 , when “content strategist” became more than just a job title, there really weren’t many people claiming the role as their own.

Are there other forms of content strategy?

There are other forms of content strategy that came out of what I would call more traditional forms of content development (ie. print) that also didn’t make claim to what we now know as Content Strategy. Some may argue that the early adopters of what is now known as Content Strategy were those who didn’t want to be labeled copywriters or journalists but wanted to do what today is called “branded content”.


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