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Google Ads are usually the first port of call for any e-commerce store or lead gen website. We are PPC experts, and can help you set up your first Google Ads campaign, or optimize what you’ve already got there.

What are Google Ads?


Google Ads is a type of advertising that you can use to promote your business on Google. They’re the most trusted way to advertise, and it’s usually the first place any PPC agency will start. Google Ads are a great place to start because they’re the biggest and best advertising network in the world.

Google Ads: A type of advertisement that you can use to promote your business on Google. They should be the first place you start before considering Facebook and social media ads. Why? Well, you have a lot of control over the keywords that you target.

With an individual set of keywords, ads, and placements that you want to run together as a campaign. You can have many different Ad Groups with corresponding with one another

Areas where I can help?

Expanded text ads

Expanded text ads are a new type of ad that includes up to four lines of text. They’re your bread and butter when starting a new Google Ads campaign.

Responsive search ads

Responsive search ads are quickly becoming the most effective type of ad on the web today. Google’s new slogan “the safe choice, for people everywhere” comes with a number of significant changes like RSAs which are the best way to try out new alternative headlines and descriptions.

Display Ads

Display ads are ads that are not on a search engine results page, but rather in the display network. Display ads can be text links or multimedia ads and are seen by people using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera browsers who visit websites within the Display Network.

Sitelink extensions

Sitelinks allow advertisers to include additional information about their business in an ad. Product Extensions allow advertisers to include additional information about their products in an ad, and they’re key for running an ecommerce campaign.

The most common questions people have about Google Ads

What are some benefits and drawbacks of using Google Ads?

Some of the benefits of Google Ads include that it is a free platform, has an easy to understand interface and offers several different types of advertising options. What are some drawbacks I should take into consideration before running an ad with this platform?

The main drawback for using Google ads might be the lack of control over your audience since you cannot gauge who’s going to visit your site.

What should be my long-term goals when creating new campaigns?

Your long term Google Ads goals should be to increase your site traffic, make more sales and grow your business’s reach. Of course, if you’re an ecommerce store then you’re going to want to focus on increasing sales to your website.

How much does it cost to advertise with Google Ads?

The costs involved in running a campaign on this platform depend entirely on what type of ads you want to run. What kind of ads do you think would be most suitable for your demographic and audience? This will have a big impact on the amount you end up spending each month.

What is a mobile ad campaign and how does it differ from a typical Google Ad Campaign?

Mobile campaigns are a great way to reach potential customers on the go. What’s involved in running an ad campaign with Google Ads? It all depends on what type of ads you want to run, your budget and how much time you’re willing to commit.


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