How many followers do you need to be an influencer?

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, you can get a few more followers per day just by doing these three things. As compared with socializing without social media. Following these tips can take you to being an influencer in no time at all, and you may end up working with an influencer agency eventually.

So if you want social media followers then just talk about what’s trending on the internet and soon your followers will increase exponentially by itself. if you don’t believe me then go ahead and try it out yourself!

How many followers do you need to be an influencer?

1) Be consistent. Post at least once or twice per day on Instagram. Try your best to get at least one picture per day up there.

2) Keep your posts unique and meaningful. A lot of people get on Instagram and try to get as many likes as possible for their picture so they post the same thing over and over again hoping someone will come along that’s interested in it and press the like button, but if it’s already gotten ten thousand likes then nothing is going to happen with that post because every other person has already liked it (and probably commented too). The trick here is to mix it up a little bit – sometimes you should post in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon.

Get more followers Try to get a good variety of times you post pictures and try to get different kinds of pictures up there too. Use your imagination! You can even test out some new ideas here that aren’t necessarily on social media.

3) Be very careful with who you follow or get follows from – don’t be too picky about this step but do be cautious. If you get someone’s attention and they notice that you’re following them back – great! Now they have a reason to look at your page and possibly check out some other pictures that might interest them. But if they get something like ten people following them every day and none of those people are doing anything interesting then chances are you aren’t going to get any attention from them.

4) Another possible way that I get followers is to favorite pictures of people who I get follows from and then get more follows in return for my favorite.   If you’re too shy to get someone’s attention, but like their photo(s), click on the little heart at the bottom right of their picture and give it a “like”. Most people will notice your likes  and may check out your profile when you get new ones. This is an easy way to get noticed by someone without being too pushy about it.

5) Use hashtags. Don’t just slap something at the end of your post and think it’ll immediately get noticed or get any sort of interest so don’t do that. You need to make sure your #’s get noticed.   Make sure they’re related to your post or something people will get a kick out of. If you see someone has already used that specific hashtag make sure the one you want to use is close enough in relation to theirs for people who view their tweet and then yours to get the connection between them without being confused or wondering what the heck you’re doing using it as well. Something similar that relates so it’s not too far off track but still gets your point across as long as it doesn’t confuse anyone!

6) Be nice. Um, Not an obvious thing I know but yeah. People get on social media sites because they don’t get half the attention in real life that they deserve or get bothered that they’re not keeping up with their friend’s lives by not get get get get (you get it) on Facebook or Twitter. So when they see you giving attention to other people who aren’t them, you get the basic gist of why that may be a bad idea…

7) Be persistent. This means going on social media sites as often as possible and getting more followers that way! It also is just promoting your self so make sure you’re doing at least some tweeting or retweeting things so your followers don’t get bored looking at the same thing every time they go to your Twitter page for example or may pause on something interesting and then click on it if it catches their interest enough.

8) Always promote others. Like I said above this, you need to get people following you. If they get interested in your work, they’ll follow you and may get interested in some of the other things that you enjoy doing or talking about!9) Be active . If you’re not active on Twitter then get more followers from there if that is your main social media outlet(it should be).


Another thing to get more followers is to get involved with a story that is out there right now. This lets people know about your personality and gets them interested in what you have to say because obviously your opinions matter since other people think highly enough of it to give details like this every time someone posts something new for example.