How much are Facebook ads?

You should definitely consider using Facebook Ads if you have an e-commerce website. If you’re not familiar with facebook ads , they are the facebook platform for marketers to buy ad space on facebook. The great thing about facebook ads is that facebook allows you to directly target your ideal customer, and since facebook has over a billion users, there’s a really high chance of getting your ad in front of your ideal customer.

Another great thing about facebook ads is they are quite affordable compared to other advertising platforms such as Google AdWords. I’ve been using facebook ads and I’ve found them very effective for my business, and they likely will be for you too. 

How much are Facebook ads?

How much are Facebook ads? The truth is that you won’t be able to make a conclusive answer on Facebook ads’ return, but you will be able to get an idea. How much reach is there for your Facebook ad? How much are the likes and shares of your post? In this article we will try to answer How much are Facebook ads.

Facebook’s advertising system is still in its infancy; it has not yet reached all corners of the globe. As a result, advertisers could have restricted access depending on location or their demographic group. There might be interest groups that only consist of 25 members for the time being; therefore How much are Facebook ads might vary from 100% coverage down to 0%.

It also depends on how active the group is, as this can make a How much are Facebook ads skyrocket or plummet. How active is your group? How many posts, comments and shares are part of the group activity on a daily basis? How many people like and share each post? How many likes will you get if you advertise yourself with this post to an audience of 100 unique potential fans (Facebook’s advertising targeting can be customized)? How much does How much are Facebook ads cost for every post that how many people see it on their news feed depends on your budget so far there have been no reports about How much are Facebook ads, but we have tried to answer this question in this article.

How long should my ad last?

If you want a quick answer here is one:   The lifetime of one ad should last for at least a few months if you want How much are Facebook ads to become popular among your fans. This is a good assumption because it means that How much are Facebook ads will be seen by all of your fans and therefore the How much are Facebook ads campaign was successful at least for this period. If after some time only 1 out of 100 people likes How much are Facebook ads or shares How much are Facebook ads then you know there’s something wrong with How much are Facebook ads in general, and not just with your How much are Facebook ads post or ad design (more on that below).

We’ll talk about the time needed to get your first like or share from another one of their friends here.


You have the option of promoting a post on Facebook by adding it your Facebook page or by promoting a specific post.

When you promote a post from your page, then only people who like your Facebook page will see it in their newsfeeds when they log into Facebook . However, when you promote an individual post using promoted post , then everyone who is connected with you on Facebook will see that particular promoted post in their newsfeeds including those who are not connected with you i.e strangers; people who don’t even know about your existence.