How to get high quality backlinks

If you want to get high quality backlinks, you need to have high quality content. “But”, you might say, “I’ve just taken a look at the SERPs for high-volume keywords and noticed that some sites are ranking well even though their content is not great.” This happens because these high volume high competition keywords get lots of links from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These links are easy to get and hence they’re very popular among webmasters and link building experts.

This post will show you why social media activities such as liking, sharing, commenting and tweeting can’t be considered high quality backlinks . Turning prospects into customers requires high quality SEO services. We’re talking about high levels of optimization here so buckle up–this is going to be a long ride!

How to get high quality backlinks

The easiest way to acquire high quality high PR (PageRank) links is to use high volume high competition keywords.

I bet you’ve tried low-quality backlinks before with only a few high PR backlinks to show for it! And that’s why I assume you’re reading this right now because you want high quality high PR backlinks . You want them so badly that you’d even try social media activities as a way of getting such high quality high PR links .

In the past, I’ve posted on how these social media links lag behind in terms of value compared with other high pr sources like blog commenting, guest posting and press releases.   Here are some important reasons why:

1) Social media sites concentrate on quantity over quality. The focus is more on finding the best blog post to curate than providing high quality content for their own blog.

2) You can’t really control what is being posted on your behalf: you could be posting URLs that are irrelevant to your niche or high pr backlinks from spammy sites; those posts will attract attention but not high pr links .

3) Social media links work differently  from high pr backlinks in the sense that they won’t improve your organic search rankings based on my experience with social bookmarking, for example, which gives you a high variety of low PR links and I don’t know why it doesn’t help me rank better in Google. The only high pr link you get when submitting a link is the one coming from the curation page, which is not that high. 

4) If high quality backlinks were all you needed to rank well in Google, then every high pr site would be at the top of Google search results and that’s just not the case: high quality backlinks are only a part of what makes a high ranking site; look at high pr sites like Reddit or Quora who don’t appear on the first page for most keywords they should because they have high quality backlinks but no high content , and look at other sites with high content  but no high pr links .

5) High PR links from one domain won’t help your rankings, which is why I switched from Blogger to WordPress years ago after reading reports that suggested it was less likely for blogs on Blogging websites, which don’t allow for high quality backlinks, to rank high.

6) For high pr sites that do have high content, earning links from high pr niche relevant websites is only a small part of their high ranking success. The rest comes from on page optimization (which has nothing to do with high pr backlinks ) and keyword research .

7) A simple way to learn what keywords you should be optimizing your website for is by using Google Keyword Tool and other tools like Ubersuggest , which can help you quickly discover high traffic keywords that people are actually searching for in the search engines based on how they’re typing out their searches or where others link to and so much more.

8) The same goes for fixing on page issues: if you try and fix an issue with high quality back links and high pr backlinks , it’s going to be a huge waste of time because high quality back links can only help you in the long run if your on page issues are already taken care of.

9) Therefore, asking for high quality backlinks for getting high ranking is like trying to get instant weight loss by taking diet pills. It doesn’t work that way!

Once again: high quality backlinks and high pr backlinks work best when the on page SEO is done right . But not the other way around (high pr first then follow-up with high qb ). It has nothing to do with getting high ranking fast; it has everything to do with sustainable growth!


So what should you do if you want to work high quality backlinks?

1) Your on page issues should be taken care of. If that is not the case, then you can’t expect high qb to help you out either!

2) Write for high pr sites (ok high pr blogs if you prefer). Meaning sites with high page rank and high user:author ratio. But again, only once your on page SEO is up to par (including quality links)! And don’t forget to never spam these high pr sites!

3) Instead of asking high pr webmasters for links blindly , ask them if they’re willing to publish a “guest post” or an article from a guest author which includes a link back to your website. Or better yet, get them to add a link (towards high pr pages of your site) in return for a high quality / relevant content they can use.

4) Create high pr web 2 .0s ( high pr blog network ) sites which allow linking back to high quality content on your website via their commenting system! This will create high qb links automatically without you lifting a finger as long as the “linkable” content is up there. No need to even ask for permission or link exchanges!

5) If you have high qb money, then pay some high pr websites to link back to your website from their “money making” pages (e.g. e-commerce product page). However this should be quite expensive if done properly and don’t expect much