How to get your Bing Ads credit

Bing Ads are some of the least expensive Google AdWords Bing offers a Bing Ads Trial to entice searchers to try Bing Ads for 30 days. Bing ads are accessed through Bing’s search engine, and Bing also has an ad network that included Yahoo! Web sites such as Yahoo! Sports where you’ll find the strongest Bing Ads competition.

Bing ads have the same functionality found in Google AdWords, but they do not share all of the same features or rules. And actually, if you’re running Bing Ads, then you’ll definitely be able to get a free credit towards your conversion goals.

How to get your Bing Ads credit

You can get your Bing Ads credit by purchasing Bing Ads credit from Bing Ads Microsoft. Bing Ads credit can be used for Bing Search advertising on Bing and Yahoo! sites in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan.

You can get your Bing credits by purchasing Bing Ads credit from Bing Ads Microsoft. Bing credits can be used for Bing Search advertising on Bing and Yahoo! sites in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Germany. The one exception is that you cannot use it for Yahoo! Japan ads seeing as it is inclusive of Google’s operations there and so the two companies have an agreement between themselves not to offer each other’s services within their borders (see below).

The number of credits needed for a campaign depends upon how much you put into your Bing budget and there are some Bing campaigns that require Bing credits for the first 30 days of running your campaign whilst also requiring a Bing ad account (see below).

What are Bing Ads?

bing ads are definitely some of the cheapest b2b ad options available in the biz. While bing ads tout a huge inventory of b2c advertisers – their b2b offerings are almost as impressive. In fact bing actually generates more revenue from b2b sales than google!

The reason why is simple: bing ads has a superior bidding system when compared against google’s ad management platform. So if your business model relies on direct leads, it makes sense to consider bing ads for your search marketing efforts.

With bing you can set up exact match keywords and get competitive bids in the small to medium range, where with google you’re looking at much higher numbers (sometimes double or even triple what bing offers!). The best part about this is that you can enjoy these prices without sacrificing quality. bing ads is the only search platform that has a dedicated b2b sales team, and bing b2b service provides you with all the help you need to grow your b2b business .

While google and bing don’t compete head on for most search terms, bing’s paid options are becoming increasingly attractive. And if it’s competition you’re after, bing gives you an opportunity to break into markets where google has been less successful: industries such as manufacturing, insurance and energy have seen great results using bing for their online marketing campaigns!   So go ahead: sign up for a bing ads account today!

Both platforms offer some of the industry’s best customer support teams, but Bing Ads definitely has the upper hand for b2b campaigns. bing ads also provides b2b businesses with a wide range of b2b-specific features, such as bing bazaar bing business solutions , bing inventory and bing market exchange .

The ” bing business solution program ” is specifically designed to help small and medium businesses drive traffic, leads and sales from their b2b website. With this exclusive relationship between bing ads and microsoft, you can access special offers on services like expert advice, design guidance, product review and competitive intelligence!   A recent report shows that 32% of all B2B companies already use Bing Ads – nearly 10x more than it’s nearest competitor (Yahoo)!


If you want to know more about Bing Ads, bing bazaar bing business solutions and bing inventory , then you should check out this stat: 60% of top marketers say they name search as the best way to identify prospects. Also 60% cite SEO as their primary channel for acquiring new customers. That is why I believe businesses are flocking to Bing Ads – because it works! Check out how easy it is to create an ad in