How to start a web design business

Start your own web design company but don’t expect it to be easy and don’t expect to get rich quickly. If you want money fast then become an employee instead of running your own company. This is not meant as discouragement, just realistic advice that should help keep unqualified people from wasting time and energy on a venture they won t likely sustain for long.

How to start a web design business

A successful online Web Design firm requires good technical and practical skills, as without them you will either not be able to start or run your business. If you are a professional website designer, but know little about technology, web hosting and domain registration for example, then an employee should perform those duties while you concentrate on your strength as a website designer.

An online start-up needs more than just a nice looking Web site to succeed; it also needs plenty of hard work and dedication if success is its goal. Some people start out with the idea that they will start their own Web Design business because they want to make an easy fortune quickly. However, most jobs start out this way but few last very long in this type of environment. Because there is so much competition in the field of Web design and development only the strong survive, meaning you really need to bring your A-game to the table if you are going to start your own start-up.

Take Charge When it comes to start up companies and business ventures, many people think the buck stops with the person in charge. However, even though start up owners do have a say in just about everything that goes on within their company, they will run into situations where they must rely on others for support. While start up owners may seem like the boss of their websites at times, they should also be prepared to be a team player when working with other staff members and freelancers as well.

If you start out assuming that start up ownership means you have all the answers and will get things done by yourself without input from others, then your start-up goes through problems and you’ll start to realize that you need staff and freelance help. The start up owner must take the time to find the right people for all of their start up needs, This includes finding start-up employees and freelance start-up owners for web design services such as website design and online marketing. It all

When seeking out a freelancer or start-up employee for your company, start with a plan in place. You should have an idea of what type of person, who has what skillset, you are looking for so that you don’t waste time on resumes from unqualified start-ups or applicants.

Finding someone to work within your business takes time and research. Just because someone already does similar work doesn’t mean they’re qualified for you start-up, as they may not be a good fit in your start-up, or they may not have the time to start-up with you.

Entry level start-ups will start at around $10 per hour if you can find them – but this is quite rare. Someone with previous start-up experience and who already has some clients should start in high single digits or low double digits (not including payroll taxes etc).


Someone who already has started their own start-ups and is only looking for more projects as work, not start off an entirely new business, may be able to start well into the teens depending on location, hourly rates of nearby established companies and how many other applicants there are from their area. Don’t just focus on what you’ll pay them however