How to write a review article for your website

If you want to know how to write a review, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to write a review for you, and then explain the whole process. You can definitely build a strong content strategy with review articles involved.

First off, write out your article title in big bold letters like that: write review . Next, write out a brief summary of what this article will say. Take note here only of the broad structure and flow of what you want to write–you’ll flesh it all out later. Here’s mine.

How to write a review article

In my write review article, I will tell how to write a good review by discussing what makes a great review through examples from Amazon product reviews (including movie reviews). Then we will explore some common mistakes in bad writing that make an otherwise good product appear inferior by comparison; conversely, we will contrast this against the best ways to write an inspiring review. Finally, we will write a sample write review of our own through explanation and examples comparable from the write review article’s perspective.

The intro

The introduction is your chance to hook or show interest in your audience. If you can do this right, you’re on your way to capturing their attention for the entire write review . Don’t blow it! Give them a taste of what they are about to read without giving away everything that will happen in the write review .

My introduction is quite lengthy because I want to lay out some general facts about Amazon reviews before I get into specifics. It also gives me an opportunity to talk more specifically about this assignment; since critique can be difficult for many people, you can also think about how to write the introduction as a kind of write review in itself.

The first paragraph is fairly straightforward; I just want to get the facts out there. It may strike you as odd that I am making such a big deal about write reviews . But in fact, this is true – for both Amazon and Yelp write reviews , it’s very difficult to get honest write reviews from users. In other words, if people have something bad to say, they will often stay quiet rather than write the write review and piss off another user (even another user who doesn’t work at your company). This makes it extremely important for companies like Amazon and Yelp to do all they can to encourage honesty in their write reviews .

My main thesis is that Netflix had a different amount of write reviews than write reviews received by Amazon and Yelp. For that reason, Netflix write reviews are a better source of information about write review than write reviews from either Amazon or Yelp.

Example 1: How to Boost Your Company’s Image with write reviews on Amazon

How did this all start? I was in the middle of playing around with the Yelp API again and I discovered a little quirk by accident (see my write review ). It turns out that you can actually create a Yelp page for your business without ever filling out any of the required fields. In other words, if I were so inclined, I could create an exact replica of the TripAdvisor page for La Quinta Inn Eureka , except instead of having to fill out the form on that write reviews page, my write review would be live on Yelp immediately. What does this all mean? It means you can create write reviews for clients without actually creating write reviews .

Example 2: write review Reviews on Amazon as SEO Tools (cont.)

Instant write review pages are a great way to capture the attention of your target audiences and give them an instant “sneak peak” at your write reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor or any other write reviews site. Since this method involves setting up a basic write review page before working with clients, it also has some serious branding implications and should probably only be used by companies wanting to build their reputation online through positive write reviews.

If you’re just starting out or don’t have much experience, this write review method may not be for you. Example 2 shows a write review page that can later become write reviews on Google, write reviews on Facebook or write reviews on Twitter:

Reviews & Write Reviews Business Development and an SEO-centric Mindset

Writing write reviews is not the only way to build your reputation online through positive write reviews. If you’re in business development or sales, it’s important to have a marketing mindset and be as consistently proactive as possible when it comes to generating leads from write reviews sites.

It’s very simple once you figure this out – your target audiences are customers looking for businesses like yours by reviewing them online; so then, where do they go? They go to search engines of course! .


All in all, you can definitely be proactive in generating write reviews online and definitely take advantage of the write review sites as a marketing tool for your write review business.