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When it comes to SEO, building backlinks to your website is one of the most important things for you to do. The good news is that it’s actually easier than you may have thought.


What is link building?


Link building is something that a lot of SEO companies focus on. Link building is an easy way to get backlinks to your own site, or clients sites, but it is also very time consuming. Link building should be done just so that you can define the niche your website will work in and not as some sort of a business strategy, and an outreach agency like us an help with that.

Link building is great for getting traffic and search engine rankings, however if they are no quality links then it really doesn’t do any good with helping out competition wise. Link building may help with reputation management, thus making people believe your business/website is more credible than before because you have built connections in the industry over time.

Link building may also boost seo itself if you use the same strategies for different websites and tailor them to each specific website and company. A good link building strategy is often confused with spamming and doorway pages, but Link Building should be done for many reasons other than just to get traffic. Link building will not work if it doesn’t fit in with what your website is about.

Areas where I can help?

Link building optimization

Link building also shouldn’t be your only focus on how you want people to find you. Link building can help by no means replace any of your optimization efforts such as keywords or anything else that has to do with well written articles on good content creation.

Increasing your power

But how can you get started with this often intimidating process? Well, the first thing to do is to understand some of the basics such as Link Juice, Link Building Technique and Link Farm.

Increase your link juice

Link juice is one of the most widely used terms in Link building which refers to the influence or value that a link holds on a webpage when it’s pointing towards another web page

Find the right websites

Some websites hold more link juice than others because they are well established and trusted sources, this obviously means that their backlinks count doesn’t have any major effect on your rankings unless it comes from high authority website(s).

The most common questions people have about link building

How long does link building take to work?

If link-building does not have anything to do with search engine ranking or even marketing at all then don’t expect results from link-building. Link building also requires time for consistent effort which may take longer than expected depending on how your site is set up. Link building also requires people to link back to you and those links may take time to build so don’t expect results immediately, even if you see some improvement in rankings over a short period of time which doesn’t mean its going to last in the long run.

Can link building make a difference?

Link Building can make a difference in your search engine rankings by increasing number of relevant contextual backlinks (content) that are linked to your website but it’s not the only factor or technique that needs to be used for an online marketing campaign. Link building is one type of SEO campaigns that either receives positive or negative attention by the opposition depending on who’s talking about it. Link building usually has nothing to do with any spammy techniques unless it’s done incorrectly like automated blog comments or hacked links on other websites.

Can you build relationships with link building?

Link building is simply creating relationships with other websites, websites that have already been proven to be popular and well ranked on search engines. Link Building is an important step in any online marketing campaign because it doesn’t only increase website traffic but also enables your business a further advantage by having more trusted pages linking back to your site from varying number of relevant sources.

What is the link building process?

Link building can be done through manual ways as well as automated or software based which utilizes the power of internet to do all the work instead of you. Link building isn’t only about creating links from popular sites but includes so much more than that like checking for broken links, internal link structure, page loading speed & etc.


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