SEO copywriting tips to help you improve your game

If you’re looking to get better at copywriting, seo copywriting tips are a good place to start. I’ve compiled seo copywriting tips for seo copywriters in a list format, covering the main seo writing elements including high-quality seo writing, SEO headlines and seo subheaders.

Content creation is important for your SEO plans. Title tags and seo meta descriptions can also help you learn how to improve your content, but that’s not all you need to know about.

SEO copywriting tips

Seohack #1: Use seotitle tags liberally.

Google’s crawlers use this tag on every page of your website as part of their ranking algorithm. Take advantage of it! Since Google is always trying to understand what each page is about before they can rank it, you need to be seo copywriting in seoryes, seosense of humor seo title tags.

A seotitle tag is a seodefining moment and a seoword that defines the topic of your page. Use it! Here are some great seo writing examples:

For more on this, check out seohackers #1 to #20

Seohack #2: Separate seoine from subheaders with white space or headline-style capitalization… but don’t use ALL UPPER CASE for subheaders.

Google’s “Rand” algorithm affects how well keywords in your headlines rank you on SERPs. It also determines how well your ordinary subheads will rank you. So if you want to improve your SEO, then seoright seoup seocopywriting seo copywriting seoknow seoseof seolive seowith seosense of humor seorealtors seonyes, seround subheads in headlines that are SEOfriendly.

Seohack #3: Include a sentence fragment or a call to action at the end of your page’s body content (after the “Read More” line).

Search engines know where an article ends and when to stop indexing it. However, Google “Rand” has another trick up its sleeve — sometimes it decides that a page is supposed to be indexed forever. But how does it know you’re done with your content?

Well, it doesn’t… at least not directly. Google relies on “hidden” cues to determine when a page should stop being indexed. One of these is a chunk of text ending in some variation of the words “Go here for more information.” If you have this text on your pages, it’s an indication that Google can rest assured that its job is done.

More important copywriting advice

Important copy writing tip is to know how copywriting works according to the copy writer. This copywriter tells us that copy writing has two kinds of things: “all selling” and packaging”. Here’s another copywriting tip – know the difference between all-selling copy, and mere packaging copy.

And don’t mix them up! All-selling copy must have a benefit in it which will make your prospects pull out their credit cards immediately when they read your words. The language in such copy should be persuasive, not just informative as you may find in a sales letter or catalog description for instance.

On the other hand, you need to make sure that all copy, no matter what the purpose, is well-written. If you don’t put some effort into copywriting your copy just won’t be read.

I’ve tried to explain copywriting and copyediting before in a simple little e-mail but more than half of my subscribers didn’t even bother reading it because they still can’t see how important copywriting (and copyediting) are for email marketers. So here I am again trying to write a story about copywriting, which is one of the most important copywriting tips.

You all know what copywriting is, right? It’s writing, and it’s done for commercial purposes – to persuade people to buy a product or service. Well, you can copywrite just about anything but copywriters really need to focus on their copy when it comes to direct marketing. Even e-mail marketers have to copywrite every single email they write because otherwise they won’t get the results they want from their e-campaigns.

Now this is probably where I lost half of my subscribers so far – copywriting actually means more than writing effective sales copy . You’ll also need to copyedit your emails as well before sending them out (unless your goal was only to “sell” your tips, then you’ve achieved that).

For copywriters copywriting is also about understanding your market. It’s not just to know what you want to write or how but knowing who you’re writing for, why they should buy, and even when they should be reading the copy!


When we’re finished writing our content, I like to add a sentence fragment or call to action as the first thing after the content piece itself. This is because the reader’s seo copywriting tip mind will be in the mindset of thinking, “What’s next?” while reading.