4 great seo tools to find new keywords

What are SEO tools? SEO tools can help you to build your own content strategy or can be used to support what you are already doing. They can be extremely useful if you want to build a local SEO website, but it can also work very well for international sites too. Here is a list of the most commonly used tools by the industry and how they work.

4 great seo tools to find new keywords

Google keyword planner

This tool allows you to come up with new keywords for your content or find out what other people have been searching for in order to build their own strategy. It will show you what have been searched over the past year, letting you know what terms or phrases people use when looking for information on Google. You can also filter them by popularity, so that it will only give you words that have interest from users on them.

A keyword planner like Google’s will help you to research keyword ideas for your posts, but it is also useful when you are having trouble deciding on a keyword for your post. You can type in different keyword combinations to see which ones have more searches and higher click-through rates, and then pick what works best.

Bing keyword planner

This does not work as well as Google’s keyword planner; however, it still has its own unique features that you may find handy. It will allow you to generate long-tail keyword variations and suggestions based on search volume data from Bing only.

Bing keyword planner does still provide its users the ability to use negative keywords. Just like Google, you can choose your keywords and get a total of searches per keyword and average monthly search volume for each respective geographic location.

In addition you will also be able to see related search terms and create a list of words that might help when writing future posts. In other words, bing keyword planner is not as good as google’s but it still gives you some information on bing’s searches that may be useful.

Note: Bing keyword planner pulls from bing only, so any bing-related sites will show up in the results. The bing traffic numbers are slightly different than the ones Google provides (it is 3% lower according to bing’s site

Google Trends

This allows you to examine the interest level of people who are searching for particular keywords over time so that you know, and it’s the most accurate way to find out, especially when you’re trying to figure out what Google likes or Google hates. You can also drill down further and find out the specific Google searches that are seeing spikes in interest over a certain time period

You can also compare Google trends for 2 keywords to see whether they have an inverse relationship (one is high when the other one is low). This helps you find terms that work together and ones that don’t. 

Note: Google Trends only goes back 11 years which means it’s not good enough for finding long-tail keyword ideas because Google began recording search queries more than 15 years ago!

Uber suggest

The Uber suggest tool is Uber’s version of Google suggest. It’s not as powerful because Uber is less established but still gives you a good indication of what people are looking for

Uber Suggest uses Uber’s own user base and the Uber app to collect search query data so don’t spend too much time on it through! You enter your starting keyword into Uber suggest, then Uber suggest will auto-populate the rest of the keywords based on other Uber users’ search terms. You can also search by category or click ‘more options’ to do more advanced searches such as location based searches (e.g. “Uber Chicago” or “Uber London”)

I like using Uber suggest to find related keywords for your current topic

Uber suggest is also useful for finding opportunities from Uber’s user base Uber suggest is less professional to use than Uber pop but still has its advantages

This keyword tool was created by Uber so shouldn’t be seen as 100% accurate Uber suggest does not show you the search volumes of keywords like Uber pop or Ubersuggest.io but it shows you a good starting point in which to focus on your backlinking efforts There are occasionally discrepancies between what Uber suggest pops up and what other keyword suggestion tools find. It’s important that you have more than one keyword suggestion resource available at hand!

Uber Suggest Tips: The top 10-20 suggested keywords tend to be related to each other If there are a lot of suggested terms with low volume (less than this it isn’t as accurate).