Looking for website development in London?

Usually you can’t find cheap web development that’s actually effective. We can change that, whether it’s building the website of your dreams or help managing a current e-commerce website.

What is web development?


A web developer is an individual who is passionate about creating and maintaining websites that are both elegant in design and function. A website’s purpose can be a simple informational site or an online store; it could even be a social network. What they have in common though is that the web developer has to manage the programming aspects that make the sites function properly.

They need to know how different protocols can send asynchronous data across the internet to create either dynamic or static webpages for websites, whether on desktop computers, smartphones or tablets of any kind – touchscreen friendly or not. Building a good user experience website is key to this.

Managing security coding may also have to be factored into his final project depending on what he wants his site to do like taking credit cards payments online, etc.. Knowing what computer languages work best for each development is a key part of website development.

Areas where I can help?

Web development for SMBs

Website development is one of the most important aspects of any business today. What was once thought to be limited only to large organizations and organizations with a significant budget is now available to small businesses as well.

Reclaim lost revenue

How many sales did you lose because people couldn’t find your company information on Google or Bing? A good web developer will make sure your site stays SEO friendly as well as being easy to navigate.

Front and back end advice

Front end web development is the process of front end programming. front end development is more related to an interface or a front-end framework than back-end, which is more related to applications.

Understanding languages

structured languages such as css, html, javascript and flash are most used front end web languages. front end developers mostly use front end frameworks such as backbonejs , emberjs , angular js etc in their projects.

The most common questions people have about web development

Is web development easy?

For instance, If you were looking for video production services or someone who could build a website for your organization, it would cost you thousands of dollars every time that you needed something done, regardless of how small the task may have been. To be honest, at one point this blogging software seems pretty intimidating! Today however all that has changed!

What used to be considered high-end technology can now be found on sites like Codecademy. Codecademy is an easy place where people without programming experience can learn everything they need in order to build their own website in a very simple way.

How hard is web development?

Though the truth is that there is a lot more to building a website than simply having the ability to write HTML code. What makes a really good website different from all of the others? What do you need to make sure that your site gets found online and keeps coming up in search results for years to come?

What are web developers saying about this new trend? What do they recommend as being some of the best tools out there for those who are just getting started but want to be able to reach millions of people who are looking at websites each and every day? I am talking about companies like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn etc… What ever happened with all of those social networking sites anyway? They seem like they have sort of fallen off lately

How expensive is web develoment?

How expensive is website development? Actually it is going to cost you more than just the initial price tag of your website. Generally web development can be tweaked to the client’s specific needs and demands. How much you can tweak your website depends on your budget.

If you are going for a cheap web developer, you may find yourself extremely limited in terms of options as to what you can do with your site or how it looks. Your options will be so limited that after one year he/she will tell you that they need more money to ‘update’ whatever it is that needs updating!

How can I learn web development?

If you’re looking at how to learn web development, you’re not alone. I can teach you how to manage a website once it is done, but learning web development will likely take several years to learn.


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