What are backlinks, and how should I use them?

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in determining a website’s ranking on search engines, backlinks are fresh links that point back to your site. These backlinks can raise the popularity of your website and improve its search engine rankings. An outreach agency will be able to help you get backlinks, but here’s what they are first.

What are backlinks, and how should I use them?

How backlinks work is each website has a link back to the sites from where they pulled data or copied content, creating backlink pages is one way you can help establish your website with other websites as a relevant source for information on specific subject areas..

A common question asked by those new to Internet marketing and online advertising is how long does it take before I start seeing results? The answer will depend upon what type of program you are running but typically results should begin showing up within. Backlinks are the backbone of search engine optimization.

Backlinks can help you;

– improve site visibility which helps increase user stickiness

– direct more targeted traffic to your site that is better qualified than general web traffic 

– improve page rank over time (become a stronger backlink) 

There are 3 kinds of backlinks one should aim at getting:    

1. Competitor backlinks : From sites that link back to your competitors but not you. These will give you some authority and close the gap between your backlink profile and the backlinks of your competitors.    

2. Contextual backlinks : From sites that links back to you but not other pages on your site (this is more powerful than backlinks to inner pages). These provide another reference from outside the website for people looking at individual webpages, increasing their confidence about the page’s relevance and this could lead them to visit your website.     

3. Featured backlink : This type of backlink is often seen as a bonus because it may be very difficult to get a featured backlink directly on top of relevant content, especially if you do not have a blogspot/blogspot account or an active social media account.     One can build backlinks to their website by getting backlinks from other relevant websites. You could use author backlink, featured backlink, backlinks from sites that are similar to yours, backlinks from directories and backlinks from social media.

You can get free backlinks in the following ways:

1.  PR9 backlinks : this backlink does not require any promotion or any link exchange, it is as simple as it sounds. It’s just a backlink on a website that is in pr 9 websites with very high page rank.      These backlinks are usually hard to get because of their high competition; therefore, backlinks from pr 7-8 websites can also be considered and they offer more opportunities to gain backlinks because there are thousands of them available online without any SEO efforts made.

2. Free broken links : A free broken link refers to the advertisements that was left behind by others on the relevant content within a web page and when you tap into one of these free broken links, which still have a lot of backlinks, it takes you to a webpage that does not exist anymore. e.g. http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/free/?r=1676847     All backlinks from this page are still alive and they can be used for backlinking purpose after creating your own backlink from the same page while keeping the original backlink from Wealthy Affiliate free broken link alive (since WA is one of our pr 9 backlink sources).  

3. Reference links : These backlinks are usually placed on free articles or blog posts which usually have very low PR around 3-5; however, there are hundreds of them available online as well without any SEO efforts made so they offer more opportunities to get backlinks to your website, which is why I added them to this list  . backlinks

4. Guest Blog backlinks: You an find backlinks that are generated backlinks from article marketing as well, backlinks are those backlinking which you get right at the bottom of your articles on other high PR websites (PR6+ backlink sites) or directories that accept submissions. This is just one example of backlinking technique that I use to get backlinks for my website every time I write an article and use it as a method to promote it in order to generate more traffic from it, however, there are many other methods too that you can employ in order to make backlinks like this backlink easier.

5. Your own Back links: These backlinks will be generated when someone from outside links your page/content without any help or influence from you.  


In conclusion, backlinks are definitely the backbones of any search engine optimization campaign, backlinks are what help to keep your site high in the rankings no matter what type of campaign you are running.