What are nameservers?

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What are nameservers?

Nameservers are some of the most important and powerful computer servers on the planet. They are what make what we do with computers possible, what allows us to connect to websites all over the world, what makes Google what it is today.

The average person doesn’t use nameservers daily but when they’re gone, or even just slow, many people are left scratching their heads wondering what is going on and why didn’t my computer work?

These seemingly simple servers that hold lists of what website links go where really are the be-all-end-all for our internet in some ways. Without them, there would not be any overview of what information flows through these networks because without them there would be no network!

Nameservers tie everything together into a database format that is easy to use and understand what each site is that you access.

Even internet marketers and SEO experts use them, as they are what tie together your web host server and the domain names you purchase to what websites they actually display when a person goes in on Google or Bing to search for some information.

This post will go over what these important pieces of equipment are and how they aid people who need to look up technical data or just browse the internet regularly.

The Internet’s Global Nameserver Network Explained!

If you don’t understand what Nameservers are, here is what you need to know.

For every domain name that you search for on the internet or register, a nameserver is what directs what website is being linked to it and what information there is in another language if it was not in English for example.

These servers work as what’s called a database system; which means they have all of the information about what a domain name stands for and what websites are tied to each one (which can be multiple sites).

You may also hear them referred to as DNS Servers, but Nameservers makes more sense considering what these machines do. They direct traffic from www dot ___dot com back home. Nameservers are basically just like your GPS unit! Just replace your car with the domain name and the GPS unit with what is directing traffic there.

And what do you think are these servers called! That’s right – nameservers!

A nameserver can also be what directs what country it will direct traffic from. For instance, if one was in America and they had a website name of McDonalds; when someone else comes to www dot McDonalds dot com (and this is how people type domains, by putting a period after each word so it makes it easier on computers), then the person can choose what location he/she wants: UK or US for example.  

Now what happens if I go to www dot barackobama dot com? Well, that’s a good question! If you remember correctly, the nameservers specified what country it was located in, so what would happen if we used what are nameservers to look up the appropriate domain? You guessed it – what happens is that you would have a name server to what gives you the address to what Barack Obama’s page.

It will not automatically go to his page for you (unless of course, there is what I like to call a hiccup on the web-page). If one wants to find out what country did this particular website belong in, they could type into their browser “what are nameservers” and then click enter. This will bring them up with information on what country owns what .com, which is something over 400 million people search everyday!


Nameservers aren’t related to your what IP address. Your what IP address is what the what internet uses to know where what you’re what trying to what go what . You can think of a nameserver as a your what GPS, or what Mapquest.com. A nameserver gives out specific directions on where what you which direction is, but how those directions are given – which route is taken… that all depends on nameservers!