What are the advantages of LinkedIn ads?

You can use LinkedIn ads to get more clicks on your Linkedin posts. Linkedin is the place to be if you want to reach out to your Linkedin contacts, capture leads and grow your business. Linkedin agencies offer a lot of great opportunities but one really cool feature it has that is getting little attention from small businesses is Linkedin Ads.

LinkedIn ads are easy to set up and inexpensive. You get exposure on Linked in search results pages across the web, as well as banner ads and sponsored content similar to the ads running on Facebook and Google only with a higher ROI (return on investment) because people are more engaged when they see these types of ads compared to newsfeed style advertising.

Advantages of LinkedIn ads

According to Linkedinadvertising themselves, Linkedin offers Advertisers an advantage over traditional display advertising in a few ways: 

1.         Relevant ads to reach your ideal customers versus clickbait images that don’t mean anything and only distract from the real content you’re trying to share with your audience – Linkedin believes this is more effective than displaying random banners or banner ads that users disregard anyway.

2.         Reduced CPCs are part of Linkedin Ads’ advertising model, since Linkedin believes that relevant ads are more valuable to users than those with irrelevant messaging. Linkedin Ads’ platform aims to provide an experience consistent with Linkedin’s business objective of connecting people and jobs through the Internet. Linkedin has a transparent reporting system on ad performance, so advertisers have the ability to learn from their past campaigns as they plan future ones and optimize campaign results.

3.         Linkedin Ads allows for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies targeting individual prospects or existing customers based on demographic and behavioral information available in Linkedin’s member profiles such as gender, age, industry, seniority level within an organization, company size, years of experience in their field, skillset or education background LinkedIn offers. Linkedin can also help with giving you the names of Linkedin members that are not your Linkedin connections, but share a common interest in your products or services from Linkedin Groups.

4.         Linkedin Ads is a self service platform with an extensive set of options for creating and scheduling advertising campaigns across their network targeting the decision maker, influencer or followers at specific Linkedin company pages. Linkedin has developed product training tools to coach advertisers step-by-step through Linkedin’s ad building process and learn about which components will better target their desired audience. Linkedin will also be working with some agencies to invite them to use the same educational tools and documentation as they do for Linkedion Salesforce Integration . 

5.         LinkedIn users can receive an update of any changes you make to Linkedin Ads, an account overview and Linkedin’s research findings by updating Linkedin.

The Linkedin Ads Process: Linkedin has created a complete online guide on how Linkedin Advertise can be used to reach out to potential customers and increase their brand awareness. This initiative is designed to create a better platform for advertisers as well as people who are interested in understanding the space of Linkedin advertising.


A few things are needed before you start posting LinkedIn ads online. One, Linkedin as a free account and Linkedin allows you to post 30 adverts each month before requiring paid accounts. Linkedin also has different types of accounts that allow you to have more than one account for your business, as well as additional features if you need/want them.

We recommend getting at least the Silver Linkedin Account . It’s not expensive ($9 per month) and what they call “Creative” ads run across Linked in network at no cost, so it really is good deal. The image below shows how many Linkedin Ads you can post when free: You can read all about Linkedin advertising here .  There are some great tips on how to maximize Linkedin ads but they don’t have any information