What is a junior copywriter?

If you’re a junior copywriter, you will be writing marketing copy for websites, ads, sales letters, emails and more. You’ll need to know about content strategy, but that’s something you can learn along the way.

You’ll also need to have an eye for design as you might need to work with a graphic designer to create the designs that will match your written content. You could be responsible for designing some of the elements yourself or just proofreading others’ work to check it’s close enough to perfect.

What is a junior copywriter?

The junior copywriter role is pretty much entry-level – so don’t expect hugely high salaries here; you’re expected to earn your stripes before you get on too big a salary!  But junior copywriters can still earn good money if they are in a larger agency; junior copywriters in large agencies can expect around £20k per year.

Whilst the money isn’t great, you will be offered training and mentoring to improve your skills as a junior copywriter. You’ll also be surrounded by other junior copywriters, who will be pretty handy if you need any last-minute translation work done…

This role might sound dull but it’s great for people starting out in an agency – it’s usually junior copywriters who get the most creative freedom in their projects. If your future aspirations are to become head of content or a managing director, don’t rule out junior roles; they often have more input into the job than you’d expect!

Tip for getting a junior copywriter job – try not to get too hung up on whether it’s a junior or senior copywriter position; just focus on finding a job, and if you have to, demonstrate your junior skills on a senior project.

What junior copywriters do

The junior copywriter is often the first person to be involved in a new campaign, from planning to execution. You might need to research and create an ad-hoc landing page or newsletter for social media – whatever it is, you’ll have the chance to show off some of the things you’ve learned in previous roles . 

You may also be responsible for creating artwork like posters, brochures, leaflets etc., which will involve working closely with designers and illustrators – but if you’re lucky enough to be doing this work on larger projects, such as websites , it’s usually the case that junior copywriters are given equal input into creative decisions. With practice comes perfect, and it can take months to get pieces of content exactly how you want them.

As a junior copywriter, you’ll need to be able to show that you have a good grasp of basic design principles and terminology. Because most junior copywriters work on larger projects like websites, it’s likely that your employer will expect you to understand the basics of usability or accessibility, as well as how different types of website interact with search engines like Google.

Why it’s rewarding: The joy of doing creative tasks with words (and being paid well to do them!) is why writing is one of the most popular career choices among young adults — particularly those who enjoy reading and writing! One thing that many people don’t realize about junior copywriting is that junior writers are paid to read.

Many junior-level junior copywriters do more reading than writing. They read articles, blogs, and books in their field of interest, looking for interesting statistics, anecdotes, quotes from experts, and great ideas that can be used in their junior marketing materials or junior business proposals (which they also write).


If they don’t know about these things now – they soon will! And if they don’t ask you about it personally, at least mention it in your cover letter. You may also be given more junior tasks like drafting letters for clients; creating product descriptions for online retailers ; writing emails or press releases; researching keywords and competitors.

These tasks are common for junior copywriters but, as with all junior jobs, don’t expect to do them too quickly or without some guidance from your boss.

Finally, remember that you’re junior for only a short time! If you have more questions on the industry then read this article.