Why White Hat Link Building Is The Best

If you want to build links to a website, white hat is the way to go. A white hat link building strategy provides a valuable service and does not raise any suspicion from search engines. If you get a white hat link building strategist as your top priority, a white hat SEO campaign will help create quality links that are more sustainable in the long run.

Why White Hat Link Building Is The Best

While it may look like white hat link building strategies take too much time compared to black hat or grey hat practices (like article marketing), white hat methods don’t rely on short term gains but rather promote organic growth of your brand over a longer period of time. 

For example, article submissions (for link building) can often get you 2-3 backlinks per article if you use the right article with the right anchor text. But white hat link building can get you up to 20 high quality backlinks from white hat blogs in your niche, that will be more sustainable for white hat SEO practices.

Furthermore, white hat link building also offers many other benefits throughout the whole process of generating organic links:

·         You learn about the nuances of white hat SEO by using white hat tactics like guest blogging for example;

·         You can focus on writing content that will rank well and has a greater potential to attract natural links rather than simply creating content (to target keywords) you think may receive some short term traffic;

·         It helps build long-term relationships with bloggers/websites in your industry, which is essential for building your website’s authority in the eyes of Google;

·         It can help you identify content gaps that are present on your website, which means there is room to create valuable, unique & authoritative content and hence white hat link building strategy should always be carried out alongside keyword research;

·         You learn how to effectively measure white hat SEO efforts and improvements over time. This results in better return for the white hat SEO investment.

What Types Of Link Building Are There?

There are generally 2 major types of white hat link building strategies:

1) Guest Blogging (often used as a stand-alone white hat link building strategy OR within an overall link acquisition campaign) – I’ll discuss this method further below. Note though that guest blogging is not white hat link building by itself.

2) White Hat Link Building (with content creation and publishing as the back-end process).

I’ve been reading about white hat SEO for over a year now, but it’s only recently that I decided to start applying white hat link building tactics after doing my own keyword research to identify white hat links which would be easier to get approved. There were only 2 blogs on SEO.

Communicate which qualified for white hat build out: SEO Black belt & Practical eCommerce . Both of these websites shared good quality, useful information with their readers, so linking back was a natural fit. In order to find bloggers who publish guest posts, I used Google Blog Search , Technorati and Alltop


In conclusion, sticking to white hat SEO is more difficult, time consuming and expensive than simply doing black hat link building. It’s not worth it if you’re trying to rank number 1 in Google overnight since hardly anyone ever achieves that using white hat tactics. However , white hat SEO does work and can be used effectively for long-term results without being penalised by search engines.

If white hat links are so great why don’t all webmasters use them? This is probably the reason why not many people know about white h at SEO strategies – they are tedious and take a lot of time ! So although white h at SEO isn’t as fast or quick as black h at methods, provided you follow all the rules correctly your ranking should improve!